Rise of evil

Far, Far away in the galaxy, across the bounders of the New Earth Government, there is a solar system with a small green planet. Although it has no official name it is called Idiaca by it's remarkably human-like inhabitants. This name refers to the Indigo tinted clouds that appear at night (although most visitors would call it red.)

This story takes place at a small village called West Byesridge. This village, near the gray mountains, has a strong religious background. They worship the the "Blue Life Bringer" a football-sized sapphire gem which contains the essence of life itself. Of course, many outsiders would like to get their hands on this valuable object, so the clergy put a spell over the graveyard where the item resides, so that, nobody with bad intentions may enter it.

Only twenty years ago, this village (and the planet in general), came in contact with other races in the galaxy. A few ships of the Liandri mining corperation. Using univeral translators, Liandri could make an agreement of sorts with the inhabitants of West Byesridge. They would build modern houses for their workers and created schools for the children. On the other hand, they would have the right to start up a factory, changing the life of the inhabitans forever.

Although the changes made life much better, some say that Liandri's experiments are questionable. On most planets, various techniques like DNA-PLE and CTC-AI are illegal. When these kind of techniques go wrong, a real disaster could occure. Scientist of the LIOS and LAARF assured us that it is virtually impossible that something would go wrong.

At least that is what the scientists Said. Two days ago, the radio contact with West Byesridge went down. We fear that something has happened and we do not trust Liandri anymore. This is why we ask you to go to investigating. We have a helicopter, ready to leave. Go now and save Byesridge.