Thursday, July 25, 2013

New post, New maps, new gametypes, new Logo

This blog has been long forgotten by it's owners it might seem, and it's sort of true, we have been busy thou, Memsys has made a new logo for our development team, and we have released a new mappack a while ago, that we did not post about it here before is just unacceptable. And better late than never I will try to fix this. As of the 13th of July the "Bounce Mappack 2" has been released on ModDataBase, This post contains among other things a description of the maps this small pack includes.

Bounce Mappack 2

Map roster
New maps:
Elisyum, A rare, malleable sort of 'crystal' which, even in small quantities radiates a powerful energy beyond human understanding.  It was for that crystal that a notorious group of air pirates made their base in this previously abandoned canyon. Sadly for them the mercenaries that had settled down in an old stronghold would not hand them the goods so easily. Both sides would risk anything to get their hands on the precious minerals, even if it meant turning the place into a death trap.
Near the splattered corpses of the fallen combatants, a simple sign with a skull spells doom.
"Danger, Minefield"

What better place for an arena than within an active volcano?
The warm. fiery glow of orange, the birds circling above, the delightful smell of Brimstone.
And of course the satisfaction of your enemy crying out in excruciating pain as their flesh is scorched from their bones. . .Which will soon after be burned to ash with them.
Let's hope you're not next.

The tranquil seas of, Binary and bytes. Welcome to cyberspace, where your life is nothing but data which can be deleted at the push of a button. Where every step can be your last and going past the third layer of "Safety" will mean your very existence can be erased. Choose your weapons wisely, Get used to being disoriented, and if you want to stand a chance.  Find that hidden weapon that can mean the difference between victory and "Del player.exe"


Every unreal mapper has met him, and we all love to hate him. That ugly guy which tears holes in your BSP That creates kill-zones where you don't want them. Ruining your beautiful terrain with impassable invisible walls. I am of course talking about the Ued-goblin. This map, released on april first, is a tribute to this bloody arsehole. I don't think you'll have to guess where exactly you will die.
Epileptics beware.




The download can be found on ModDB by clicking this Link
Please leave a comment either here or on the mod profile if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Development Commentary: Choices in Rise of Evil

Rise of evil had as goal to provide a lot of re-playability. One technique to achieve this was adding some choices for the player. In this article I want to look back on what we did and what techniques where the most effective.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bounce Mapping

This tutorial is focused on mapping for the awesome bounce game type. A decent knowledge about the Unreal editor is required.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mapping progress

Today we made some nice mapping process. We added a couple of small golden keys in the hospital. They are said to belong to Louis INC. The map looks quite cool now.
Still, we need to fix some bot AI because they are damn stupid. They couldn't kill a single lurker.
Anyway: not a map to lose your head on.
DISCLAIMER: Although the above post only contains truths, they may be half truths.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


After a week of the blog being up
Team Chraysend now has a logo:

Thank you Memsys!