Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bounce Mapping

This tutorial is focused on mapping for the awesome bounce game type. A decent knowledge about the Unreal editor is required.


Designing a bounce map is more difficult than designing maps for most other game types.
Especially in closed areas, you must make sure people can't get stuck in a corner. If they get stuck, it is far more difficult to kill. A few tricks you can do.

  • Of course, holes in the ground are a good method to fix this
  • Place sloped ceilings above these corners. When the unfortunate person is launched in the air, it bounces off the slope and kicked to some other part of the map.


In bounce falling damage does no damage to bots. Effectively bots don't die if you shoot them in a pit. To overcome this you can to put a kill zone down there.
  1. First, go to the sheet builder (The one that creates flat surfaces). Make it large enough to cover the whole of your pit.
  2. Then go to "add special brush". (The button with blue square with the selection square in it)
  3. Check "Portal" "Invisible" and "Non-solid".
  4. Press OK and you will have your zone portal. This will separate the play area from the death zone.
  5. Go to the actor browser, go to info -> Zoneinfo and select one of the classes in there. The best ones are:
    • "Cloudzone" which instantly kills all that enters.
    • "Vacuumzone" where you can set the delay and kill messages. Unfortunately, these kill messages only work on suicides.
    • "Lavazone" needs no introduction. But for these and the following two you should unflag "invisible" in the surface and flag "Transparent". Textures can be found in the packages "liquids" and "lavafx"
    • "SlimeZone" creates a zone filled with green goo.
    • "NitrogenZone" which works as a waterzone, but deals ice damage to all in it.
  6. Rebuild and everything should work.
It is also possible to kill bots with a triggered death. (Never do this in CTF though)

Bounce health

To place health for bounce in your level you can just place Tournament Health. Bounce will replace them automatically with bounce health. This makes your map playable without having bounce installed.
  • Medboxes become Pizzas.
  • Health Vials become Cookies.
  • A Health Pack (Big keg o' health) becomes a Cake.

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